Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hello Lyons Families!

Monday will be a great day for our special trip to Discovery World!  I'll be curious about what the kids will say was their favorite exhibit!

Shifting Principal Roles
Well next year will be a change of pace for me!  I will be sharing my time between Lyons Center and Winkler Elementary.  This change came about due to the resignation of Christine Anderson, the principal at Cooper.  Jackey Syens will take over as Cooper principal, so I have been asked to oversee both Lyons and Winkler.  I'm looking forward to a new challenge, although there will obviously be some adjustments.  When the school year begins, I will probably spend a bit more time at Winkler getting to know everyone there.  I'm sure the students at Lyons will be unfazed because they will still see me everyday.  It's nice to know they are in good hands with the capable and caring staff at Lyons.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me anytime.

Daycare Before and After School
We still don't have a definite answer about daycare at Lyons next year.  Thank you to those who took the time to fill out the survey.  I don't think there will be enough students for before-school care (11), but  after-school care may be possible (17).  I will let you know what I find out about daycare AND 4K! 

New BASD Website
Check out our new website!  Once you get used to navigating it, I'm sure it will be much more user friendly!  new BASD website
Here is a short video to teach you where to find things:  2-minute video for a quick overview of the page

As we round out the year, here are a few activities you may want to put on your calendar:

Thursday, May 10th- 4th graders go to Waller to watch Racine Symphony Orchestra in a.m.
Thursday, May 17th- Early Release at 1:10
Monday, May 21st- Talent Show at 2:15 (Flyers should have been sent home Friday.)
Friday, May 25th- Memorial Day sing in p.m.
Thursday, May 31st- 4th graders visit Dyer in a.m.
Thursday, June 7th- Field Day (PTO will be sending out sign-up sheets)
Friday, June 8th- Early Release on LAST DAY OF SCHOOL at 1:10

Have a great week!
  Special Friends and Family Lunch!

Thank you to Alisha Dei and Lisa Allen for all their work at the Book Fair!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Happy Spring Lyons Families!

Here are a few important reminders and events you may want to put on your calendars:

Spring Conferences
We will be holding private conferences on Thursday, April 19th from 3:30-6:30.  This will be a night for anyone who wants to meet with a teacher in private or if a teacher requests a conference.  

We will hold our Student-Led Conferences on Tuesday, April 24th from 3:30-6:30.  This will include all students and they will be the ones leading the conference to explain how they have progressed this year.  We hope to see everyone here!  More information will be coming home as we get closer to the date.  (There will also be the Scholastic Book Fair going on during conference week.)

2nd and 4th Grade Spring Concert
The spring concert will be held on Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30.  Students can arrive by 6:20 and go to the music room.  

Special Friends and Family Lunch
We're inviting any family members or special adults in the children's lives to eat lunch on Friday, April 20th.  We won't limit the amount of people, and we will add seating in the gym in case we need more room.  Kindergarten/1st graders will be eating at 11:30 and 2nd/4th graders will eat at 12:00.  (There will be a Scholastic Book Fair going on in Room 101.)

The menu entree will be chicken drum sticks (or hot dog or turkey sandwich), french fries, baked beans and strawberries.  The cost for adults will be $3.50.  We will send home order forms beforehand, so you can reserve your lunch.  Of course you can bring in a lunch if you choose.

Seal a Smile
On Tuesday, April 3rd the students will be able to get their teeth cleaned again by Seal a Smile.  If your child took part in the fall, they will be automatically checked again.  If you haven't taken part and want to, please fill out the attached form or let the office know and we will send home a hard copy.
Before and/or After-School Daycare
We are thinking of adding childcare before and after school here at Lyons next year.  We will need a certain amount of students to make that happen.  If you would be interested in paying for your child to take part, I will be sending home a survey soon.  I have been in contact with Lakeland's Little Learners out of Elkhorn to provide care.  I'm hoping it works out.

Lyons Center 4K and Wrap-Around Care
4K here at Lyons is still a viable option.  Please let others know that they should register their child and request Lyons Center.  Transportation is available to those families who live in the district.  We will also be looking into the possibility of wrap-around care for those students who need it.     

All School Field Trips
Our school will be attending two field trips in April.  You will be receiving permission slips as we get closer to the dates. 
Thursday, April 19 to School Forest (in Burlington) from 9-11
Monday, April 30 to Discovery World (in Milwaukee) from 8:30-3:00


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hello Lyons Families!

Here are a few updates to remember!

Yearbook Orders
The ordering envelopes were sent home on Tuesday with students.  Yearbook orders need to be turned in by March 30th.  The cost is $8.50.

PTO Detergent Fundraiser
The bright yellow order forms were sent out a few weeks ago.  If you would like to order a 5-gallon pail of laundry detergent, the orders are due on March 21st.  The cost is $40 and $2.50 if you need a spout.  They will be here on April 4th. 

Considering 4K at Lyons 
The district would like to offer a 4K class at Lyons next year.  It will be dependent on the number of students who register.  So please talk to your friends and neighbors who have children who turn 4 years old by September 1st.  Anyone can request Lyons and transportation is available to district residents.  You will be able to request the school/facility during 4K screening on April 23rd.  Help us get the word out!  

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mosher


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hello Parents!
We only have five students signed up so far for 4K next year.  Anyone who resides in Burlington school district can ask for 4K at Lyons, so if you know of anyone who may want to have their child attend 4K in a smaller setting, please let them know they can request Lyons!  We will make a determination by April 23rd if we have enough students registered.  Thanks for spreading the word!

There is a lot coming up, so here's the scoop!

Conferences on Thursday, February 22nd
We will hold mid-year conferences for select students on Thursday from 3:30-5:30.  If you have a concern and your child's teacher didn't ask for a conference, you can still call to schedule a conference.  There will be another round of private conferences on April 19th.  Then the Student-Led Conferences for everyone will be the evening of Tuesday, April 22nd.

Family Literacy and Math Night on Thursday, February 22nd
Mrs. Gesteland and Mrs. Czaplewski have planned our reading and math fun activities that will start at 5:30 in the cafeteria.
Poms Perform!
After our Family Literacy and Math Night, we will have a special performance from the Pom Club at 6:40.  It will be entertaining!  

Read Across America
The week of February 26-March 2 is Read Across America Week.  The students will have fun reading Dr. Seuss books and dressing up each day.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hello again Lyons families!

We will be celebrating 100 days of school on February 8th!  This year has been a whirlwind, and it's been fun!  Our students have grown so much academically and socially.  We've seen more acts of kindness toward each other and our test scores show wonderful gains.  The students have enjoyed the monthly STEM projects that are held on Monday afternoons, as well as our school-wide celebrations for completing the Lyons Pride Good Behavior Chart.  It's amazing how well they work together in multi-age groups!
Have you ever heard of Donors Choose?  Mr. Selbera and Miss Wollmer received donations to purchase items that they wanted for their classroom (and our school).  Mr. Selbera recently received a 3-D printer and Miss Wollmer got Osmo, which has been downloaded onto the iPads and now our younger students can learn how to code!     

Box Tops for Education
Don't forget to keep cutting those box tops!  We still collect them.  Alisha Dei sends them in and we receive money.  We're saving to take an all-school field trip in the spring!

District Cyberbullying Presentation
There will be an informative presentation held at Dyer on February 28th.  You may want to consider attending.

Here are some events to fill you in until the end of the year!  Mark your calendars!
February 16- Early Release at 1:10
February 19- No School
February 22- Private Conferences (Teachers will send out notices to select parents.)
February 22- Reading and Math Family Night and a performance by Lyons Poms!
March 20- Battle of the Books at Waller Elementary (4th Grade in a.m.)
March 26-30- Spring Break
April 18- Spring Concert (Grades 2 and 4) at 6:30
April 19- Private Conferences (Parents can decide if they would like a conference)
April 20- Special Friends and Family Lunch
April 23- Early Release at 1:10
April 24- Student Led Conferences (for everyone!)
May 17- Early Release at 1:10
May 28- No School (Holiday)
June 7- Field Day (will need volunteers to help!)
June 8- Last Day of School/Early Release at 1:10

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello Lyons Parents!

Here are a few reminders that are coming up this month:

Holiday Concert for Kindergarten and First Grade
Wednesday, December 13- the K/1 students will hold their winter concert at 6:30 in the Lyons gym.  Students should arrive no later than 6:20 and will be performing together.   We're fortunate to have Mrs. Harlfinger this year, who is teaching our students how to play musical instruments along with singing their songs!  (Note- 2nd and 4th grade concert will be held in the spring.)

PTO Meeting
Please consider attending our next PTO meeting this Thursday, December 7th at 6:30 in Lyons library.  We value everyone's input!  

Lyons Center PTO Fundraiser
Orders for the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are due now.  Please send those orders to school with your child by tomorrow (12/5).  

Please read a message from our PTO president about fundraising:

An open letter from Lyons PTO

Hello Lyons Center Families,

Lyons PTO would like to share with you the reasons for some of the changes in fundraising we are inaugurating.   

Student enrollment is dropping all over the nation.  Dropping enrollment has affected Wisconsin and our district.  Lyons Center used to have ten classrooms and over two hundred students, we are now down to four classrooms and under 70 students.  Because of this the PTO has had to make adjustments to the type of fundraisers we are able to sustain.  In the past our biggest events were Lyons Days food booth and our Silent Auction.  Lyons Days is no longer held, and with only four classes it was no longer viable to hold the auction.  

As a small neighborhood school, which has many advantages for our students, it makes fundraising for our students challenging.  Many fundraisers have minimum sales requirements to obtain the price discount needed to make the fundraiser a success.  Because of our small size we cannot reach these amounts.  Shipping is also quite often a deterrent because it often would take half of any profit from our sales when we do not sell enough to qualify for free shipping.  Because of these issues we are striving to find fundraisers that are more local to negate the shipping and also do not have minimum amounts we cannot achieve.    

Lyons Center may be a small school but we have great parents who are involved in the PTO and have some great ideas to transition to these changing times.  Some of these ideas include some different ways of raising funds such as our upcoming Pink Flamingo Fundraiser.   Hopefully we will find a fundraiser that is a big hit to replace the big events we no longer have.  Please bear with us while we experiment with new ideas.  

Why does the PTO need to hold fundraisers you may ask.  There will always be a debate about Government funding and who should be supplying the schools with necessary items.  Our take is to stay out of the debate as an organization.  While the debate goes on our students do without.  If our children need something that is not currently funded, but needed, and will give them an advantage in their education we will try and obtain it. 

Over the years  the PTO has supplied over 100 laptops including the charging carts needed to power them.  I think everyone understands how having access to and being taught to use this technology is critical to our students.  We have supplied each classroom with Interactive Smart Boards that greatly enhance the learning experience for our students.  Teachers are able to see and track the progress and answers of each student instead of just one like an old fashioned chalkboard allowed.  They also get our students used to and participating in new technology they will need to succeed.  Books, thousands of books have been funded through our programs.  Not only the Bucks for Books that places the books directly in the students hands, but we have supplied the classrooms, library and support rooms with books that they would not have if it was not for the PTO.  Feel free to ask a teacher how much of an impact the access to the books we have supplied has.  This is just a small list of the items the PTO has supplied through the years, we also fund assemblies, field trips, pay for the busing, Field Day etc. 

As you see fundraisers are a very important and vital part of our student's education.  They allow us to obtain materials and equipment they need and that greatly impact their learning experience.  Please assist us in giving our students every advantage we can by participating in our fundraising activities.  Let the friends and relatives know what their donations are supplying for your child, most are glad to help when they know what it is for. 

We are all in this together. 

Thank you,

DPI School Report Cards
Each year the state takes the scores from our 3rd and 4th graders  on the Forward Exam.  This test is given in spring and is based on the areas of  English/Language Arts and Math.  We are looking for growth from one year to the next and achievement in those areas.  Third grade reading is an important measure when it comes to predicting overall achievement in later years.  There is a detailed explanation on the DPI website.  Our goal this year is to score above 83 on the next report card!  Here is a snapshot of 2016-17: